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How to host a trial
The section contains all the necessary information, forms,and links to software needed to host a DOCNA trial.

DOCNA Info Flyer

Club/Group Membership Application

Trial Application Form

Trial Report Form

Pre and Post DOCNA Trial Reporting Requirements

Guide to Hosting a Trial
  Trial Chairperson and Secretary Guidelines (excerpts from the Rulebook)

Trial Secretary Software for DOCNA
Special NOTE - Dogs On Course in North America, LLC requires all Trial club/groups to use only the Agility Unscrambled software for trials. *No other software will be accepted.

This software has all the features needed by the trial secretary and will allow DOCNA to receive trial results in a format that can be downloaded into the results database so that competitors can access their results online; necessary for minimal waiting to view how many Q's you have or what is needed to finish an Award level.

The Agility Unscrambled software is available at It is very intuitive, easy to use, and completely manages your trial from start to finish.

DOCNA Trial Premiums and Scribe Sheets
The Trial Secretaries software, Agility Unscrambled, may eventually be used to build a trial premium, although that feature is not available yet, and should be used to print scribe sheets for all events. Here is an approved sample premium downloaded and modified for your event. Please make sure that you include all liability information in your premium from the sample.

Sample DOCNA Agility Trial Premium

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