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DOCNA National Championships

2018 DOCNA National Championships

The 2018 DOCNA National Championships will hosted by DOCNA and held in Brighton, CO at the Adams County Fair Grounds. The dates are September 14-16, 2018. There will also be pre-championships warm-up Standard and Jumpers titling events on Thursday, September 13, 2018 that are open for anyone to enter. Additionally, there will be a Last Chance NAC qualifing run open to anyone who has previously tried to qualify at a regular trial that will allow entry into all championships for the weekend.

If you did not qualify for the Championships by earning one NAC qualifier, you may still enter Traditional Gamblers, Strategic Time Gamble, Snakes N Ladders, and Trigility. However, these are non titling.

Proposed event order for the weekend:

Thursday Ring 1: Standard and Last Chance NAC (one level, open to all who entered an NAC run during the year) Ring 2: Jumpers

Friday Ring 1: Traditional Gamblers, Standard 1 Ring 2: Jumpers 1

Saturday Ring 1: Trigility, NAC, Standard 2 Ring 2: Jumpers 2

Sunday Ring 1: Strategic Time Gamble, Standard Finals Ring 2: Jumpers Finals

Detailed information coming soon!

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